Prague Streets & Czech Treats


Prague: Take San Francisco, add in some Disney magic, add a taste of old European beauty, and you have the essence of this beautiful city known as Prague, also known as Praha.

The only thing that San Francisco doesn’t have is streets filled with the aroma of cinnamon-sugar goodness! This fine addition comes from all of the shops that sell popular rolled pastries called trdelníks.

From the best of my understanding and my in-depth research (researching, eating… same thing, right?) of these bad boys, trdelníks are rolled dough pastries wrapped around a hot rod, grilled, and then finished off with sprinkles of cinnamon, sugar, and crushed walnuts.

Amazing, right? I can smell the sweet scent of trdelniks now just thinking about them!

Last year, I visited Prague around mid April. This was my first time in Europe and, luckily, I had a travel aficionado (thats you, Hannah!) with me to really explore what Prague had to offer. The weather was a lot colder this time of year; each day was  maybe a high of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit with a bit of rain and snow on some days. It was a perfect time to visit the night market in Old Town Square, have a nice warm cider or hot wine in one hand, a freshly grilled trdelnik in the other hand, and just people watch!

This year, my family and I visited during a warmer time of the year where each day was a high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s great is this wonderful cinnamon treat adapted to the weather just fine (one of the reasons why I will definitely be coming back for more). With warmer weather came ice-cream… ice-cream in a trdelnik cone. Talk about drool-worthy!

I have to admit, the Czech Republic knows the way to my heart, and that’s through warm rolled-dough sweets made to perfection! Until next time… I’ll miss you, trdelnik.


Of course, I'm only joking. There are a million and one reasons aside from the sweet treats to fall in love with this eastern European wonderland. Most of which, I can't quite grasp with words. Don't worry, I have a few photos to take their place of a handful of the many things you can't miss during your time in Prague.

One of my all time favorites throughout all of my travels has been the Salvador Dali exhibit in Old Town Square. Here, you can also catch the Alphonse Mucha and Andy Warhol exhibits where you'll find inspiring pieces that will, for lack of a less cliche saying, take your breath away.

Now this is a completely walkable city, making it one that you can fall in love with from sunrise to sunset all on foot. Each time I'm here, I can't help but stay out all day exploring—and getting very lost—the streets of beautiful Prague.

If you think you're in love with this charming city while on the streets, you'll swoon over the sights from a bird's view. This last shot was from atop the Charles Bridge Tower, which I'd completely recommend climbing right before dusk. You can watch as the city begins to light up from every angle and feel the intimacy of this small city while being away from the crowds.