365 Days After Graduation

To be completely honest, I can't find the formal definition of the phrase "first of may." Someone once told me that it was a term used for newcomers in a new season. It's a common phrase used for those who are figuring out their new surroundings. With graduation coming up and a lot of lives starting fresh, I felt the blog title "First of May" and a post-graduation series were appropriate for all of the new souls out there finding their fit.

The road after college is different for everyone. Some roads are windy, some have more junctions than others, and some are still under construction. No matter how it's set up, there's no doubt in my mind that we're all well equipped to handle any kind of road. It can be intimidating, but just know that there are millions of other people who have been in your similar position! To remind everyone that they're not alone no matter what their next decisions are, I wanted to help share the story of the different routes a few significant people have taken. These people have been bright-eyed and bushy-tailed not too long ago—some even might still be— and they've made it pretty far in their own lives. Not every journey is the same, but it certainly helps learning from what others have done in the past. I hope that these stories help you shape your own path!

In this series, we're bringing together the different stories that people have to tell because what matters is whether or not they get the chance to share it. Here, real people recount their 365 days that follow college graduation. 

In the next few weeks, you'll learn more about how one person successfully designed her life post-graduation, how another followed her heart across the country, and about the importance of embracing taking on something new.

Stay tuned!