Field Notes in the Midst of April

Between being surrounded by social media influencers at work, following live videos from artists like Marissa Quinn and watching the wildflowers bloom and take over San Diego County, I can’t help but feel inspired. Usually, big changes are unnerving. This time, the overwhelming change has brought on a rush of new beginnings in my twenties that I never saw coming.


For the last few years, I became so accustomed to the chaotic mix of an active schedule of a San Diego State student and the freedom that came with it. I became accustom to managing a sporadic list of responsibilities. Now, I feel like life is streamlined for me. It’s simpler, but somehow that makes it more complicated. It’s so easy to get swept up in a daily routine and—as convenient and easy as that may seem—I want to make more of my time. Here’s the positive upswing: This postgraduate lifestyle allows for much more free time, meaning opportunities to pick up more hobbies!

The biggest source of change that this big-girl-pants lifestyle has seen is that I’ve caught myself complaining about petty things and then finding gratification in things I hadn’t noticed before. I usually end up asking myself questions like “What are you planning on doing with your life?” “What do you want to fill your time with?” and “Why not dwell in all of the great things this change has to offer?” I reflect on how lost I am and, in turn, find something new to apply myself to. So far, it’s been watercolors, writing more, learning about the industry, analyzing campaigns, calligraphy and—let’s hope this one works out since I just got a DSLR—photography.

Lesson of the year: Let yourself get a little lost, because it gives you a chance to learn a million and one new things about yourself.


So here it is, folks. I’ll be unraveling my story of what it’s like to live, play and grow in sunny San Diego. I’m lost, confused and, yet, more intune with it all at the same time. That’s something you’ll notice a lot with my blog posts: Everything I say is contradictory. All in all, what I’m saying is I have big plans for the future. There’s a lot to learn, a lot to do and so much to see. I hope everyone’s feeling as inspired by the spring in the air right now.