How to Seek out Your True Passion


I've been looking back at a few conversations I've had for the last five years, those including interviews, small talk at parties, and conversations with family. There's one major thing that I notice happens every time: I clam up when they start asking about what my passions are. Other answers come easy. I'll get questions about what work I do: Easy. Then people will ask about my friends, my boyfriend, my parents, etc. I can talk about what other people are up to all day! When it comes to me and what drives me? Not so simple.

I've been told, "If you want to go into public relations or marketing, you have to be able to market yourself." My instant response each time has been, "No, I believe that focusing my efforts into marketing other people or things is even more important!" I'll be honest, I never fully meant it. I agree with the former statement more so than the latter. In every industry, you have to leverage yourself and accent what you're capable of, your experience, and—most importantly—your future dreams. To those of you who can do that: I admire you so much . Please please please, show me your ways! For those who are rowing in the same boat I'm in: Don't worry. I'm learning everyday to be better at this, meaning you are more than able to as well! My newest endeavor to aid this goal? Figure out exactly what it is that you're passionate about! 

Yes, Tony—that's my brother—this was sparked by our conversation. No, I don't have the answer quite yet, so here's a relevant Broad City gif in place of that answer.

I may not know what I'm passionate about yet, but I don't expect it to come overnight. After spending time to research how other people believe passion is found, I am finding more clarity! Some of the advice was repeated from article to article and some were more creative than I expected! To start off, Telegraph had a list of questions that got me, and they got me good.


Start By Asking Yourself These Passion-Directed Questions

  1. "What subject could I read 500 books about without getting bored?"

  2. "What could I do for five years straight without getting paid?"

  3. "What would I spend my time doing if I had complete financial abundance to do anything?"

Courtesy of Telegraph

This article assured me that, while these questions can help guide me, not everyone has an epiphany on what their life is meant for. Thank goodness, too! I'm definitely not there, and it's okay not knowing right off of the bat. 


Try To Revisit What Your Dreams Were As a Kid

Bubba asked me if as a kid, we thought everything was more exciting because of our perspective, or if as adults, our daily activities are actually less fun. It was a question of mind over matter, and I really do believe perspective is everything! A big concept repeated through a variety of magazines and websites was to bring back that child-like mindset of "anything is possible." Ask yourself what you loved doing as a kid, then start thinking about what your dream was! Getting back into that excited outlook on life may be the cup of tea you need to jump start your passions!

While you're at it, take away the concept of money too. Finances are important, but happiness comes first. There wasn't much money to throw around when we were playing make believe anyways, and that just made play dates all the more fun.


Promise You'll Never Put Yourself In A Box; the Sky's The Limit

I understand being modest, but you've gone too far if you're just holding yourself back. Plus, if you're the only person in your own way then won't you feel silly? Embrace your virtues because, like it or not, you're probably a star in more ways than you know! There will be factors that seem like obstacles. Some of those obstacles may be the thought of income, but if that's your biggest dilemma then set it aside.

Do what you love without thinking of professional logistics, then create your craft! For now, it doesn't have to be about business; it just has to be about what sets your soul on fire. After all, you'll need to find your passion before you can even think about profitability. So take a step back and think about it. If there were zero boundaries, where would you love to see yourself right now? Don't you dare rule out your hobbies in this thought process! Some tweaks and added skills can easily evolve them from small hobbies to life passions!


Look Toward Your Role Models

Speaking of seeking passion before money, have you heard of the book and Netflix original series Girlboss? It's my golden bible of life right now, and I live by the rules of a Girlboss. This leads me to my next point: Another fantastic way to reflect on your passions is by thinking about who your role models are. Consider what their best attributes are and what you admire most about them. Do you wish you were in their shoes? If so, dig deep into the why.

For me, I latch onto every drop of irreverence that Sophia Amoruso exudes. I crave so badly to be able to say what's on my mind, do as I please, and pave my own path. Most importantly, I want to be able to find something I love that doesn't feel like an obligation. She found something that lit her fire, and it wasn't about money first! It was all about her baby, Nasty Gal.


Identify The Ingredients Of Your True Passions

Did you make note of all of your childhood aspirations, your dreams and your role models? Next, make note of any key moments that had a big impact on you! Are there certain instances where you have felt most accomplished? Add these key moments—and don't leave out their attributes—to your list and you'll have a full array of "ingredients" to bake your passion cake! 

Why not create an inspiration board of all of these things that you live and breathe? This way you'll have something to look to that will keep you in tune and aligned with what drives you each and every day. Better yet, set it in a space where you can wake up to it! What better way to start your morning than with a "Hello, life inspirations and aspirations!" I'm holding you accountable for saying that each day, too!


The Last Step Of Passion Seeking: Sleep On It

Once you have all of these key ingredients in mind, keep them there! I said it before, and I'll say it again: We don't all discover our passions overnight. Now, it's time to carry on and let the passion-seeking thoughts ruminate in the back of your head. Trust me, you'll be more cognitive of all the paths you can take. Opportunities will begin to unravel as long as you accept all that you're capable of! 

So promise me this: Don't you dare stress about it! Let it ruminate, okay? It'll come to you, especially with the daily good morning routine that I've set up for you.


If you're curious about where all of my reading on passion seeking came from, here's a little reference list:

If you find any other insightful articles or develop your own passion-seeking methods, keep me in the loop! I love learning and I love growing, so don't feel shy about sharing.